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This is a simple, virtual product.

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Get your own Emailing Server by PHPlist installed by our Team. This free alternative to Mailchimp will let up grow your Email Database without having to pay huge license fees.

Emailing Server by PHPlist

Here is the cost structure of hosting PHPlist:

  • Software License: 0$
  • Ubuntu Hosting: 45$/year
  • Mandrill SMTP: 120$/year
  • Installation (3 hours): 300$ (one time)

Here is the process on how we install your Emailing Server by PHPlist:

We install the PHPlist on a new server

We setup your first email

We send it with you

Why using PHPlist as an alternative to Mailchimp?

phpList is an open-source email marketing solution that can be a viable alternative to Mailchimp for those who prefer more control over their email marketing campaigns and are comfortable managing their own software. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using phpList as an alternative to Mailchimp:

Advantages of PHPlist:

  1. Open-source: phpList is an open-source software, which means it’s free to download, use, and modify. This can lead to cost savings, especially for businesses with a large number of subscribers or high email volumes.
  2. Self-hosted: With phpList, you have full control over your data and email infrastructure, as it’s hosted on your own server. This can be an advantage for businesses with specific privacy or security requirements.
  3. Customization: phpList is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the software to meet your specific needs. You can add new features, modify the design, and even integrate it with other systems.
  4. Active community: phpList has an active community of users and developers, providing support, updates, and plugins to enhance the software’s functionality.

Disadvantages of PHPlist:

  1. Technical expertise required: To install and manage phpList, you’ll need a certain level of technical expertise. This includes understanding web servers, databases, and potentially coding in PHP. Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a fully hosted solution with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal technical knowledge.
  2. Less user-friendly: The user interface and overall user experience of phpList can be less polished than Mailchimp’s, which may affect the ease of use for some users.
  3. Limited built-in features: While phpList offers a wide range of features, it may lack some of the advanced options available in Mailchimp, such as pre-built email templates, drag-and-drop email builders, and robust analytics tools. However, some of these features can be added through third-party plugins or custom development.
  4. Deliverability: As a self-hosted solution, phpList’s email deliverability might be affected by your server’s reputation, which could lead to a lower inbox placement rate compared to a dedicated service like Mailchimp. You may need to invest in email deliverability best practices, such as setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, to ensure your emails reach the inbox.

In conclusion, phpList can be a cost-effective alternative to Mailchimp for users who are comfortable with the technical aspects of managing their own email marketing platform. However, if you prefer a more user-friendly solution with built-in features and managed deliverability, Mailchimp may be a better choice.

If you want PHPlist but you don’t have the technical abilities, Vilna Gaon can help you.



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